Kauai County Save Our Bike Path!

No action is being taken by Kauai County to protect our community treasure.  The sea is quickly eroding the soil.  One more storm and the bike path will be gone!  This is also a huge safety issue.  One misstep and you will fall headfirst on to rocks and into the surf.  Protect our children!  The County owns the bike path.  The State of Hawaii owns the adjacent seawall.  The County refuses to take action, pointing the finger at the State of Hawaii saying it's not my problem.   

Contact the County

Call today - let them know we want to save our bike path

Kauai County Mayor's Office: (808) 241-4900

The Mayor is the leader of our county.  It is our mayor's responsibility to represent the people of Kauai.  Demand our Mayor to take action to save the bike path!

Kauai County Engineer: (808) 241-4992

The County Engineer is responsible for ensuring the safety of the bike path.  The County Engineer is also responsible for working with the State of Hawaii to fix the seawall and make sure the bike path does not fall into the ocean.